Protecting your privacy is important to us. We would like to inform you on how we collect personal data, what types of information we collect, and explain to you how that information is used.

We also inform you that our websites include links to external sites which are not covered by this Data Protection Statement.

If you have not given us a separate consent, personal data will only be collected, processed and used as far as is technically necessary and necessary for the execution of individual services and offers. Should the use of individual offers and services that you find on this pages require the input of personal data (e.g. the processing of inquiries via the contact forms), we will collect and use this data only for the purpose for which you have left the data.


The Controller responsible for the processing of your personal data in relation to the use of this website and its functionalities is:

Helios Health GmbH, Friedrichstrasse 136, 10117 Berlin


Processing of your personal data

When visiting our website

When you visit our website, our servers, by default, temporarily store the connection data of the requesting computer for the purpose of system security, the Internet pages that you visit with us, the date and duration of your visit, the identification data and the type of browser and operating system used, as well as the website from which you are visiting us (server log data). Any other personal information such as your name, address, telephone number or e-mail address will not be collected. In addition, the server log data is not linked with personal data. The data mentioned before are processed by us for the following purposes:

  • Ensuring functionality and fault-free operation of our website
  • Ensuring proper use of our website,
  • Evaluation of system security and stability

The legal basis for data processing is Article 6 sec. 1 lit. b) GDPR. Our legitimate interest follows from the above listed purposes for data collection. In no case shall we use the collected data for the purpose of drawing conclusions on your person.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored locally on your computer by your web browser. They do not harm your computer and do not contain malware.

Whether you allow the use of cookies is your choice, you may enable or disable the use of cookies by websites such as ours at any time by selecting the respective browser settings. Also, you can delete already set cookies at your own discretion at any time. However, please note that if you choose not to accept the use of cookies you may not be able to experience the full functionality of this website.

In order to refuse the use of cookies, you will need to manage the settings of your web browser or on your mobile device.

For a functioning and individualized browsing experience, we use so called "session cookies" which will help to identify you while using our website, in order to make the visit of our website more convenient. These "session cookies" will be deleted automatically and immediately after you close our website.

Moreover, we use "tracking cookies" to analyze and improve how our website works. These cookies collect pseudonymous non-user-specific information only. These cookies track for instance the time of the visit of the website, how often visitors use a page of our website, which pages visitors go to most often, how long they stay on which site, the websites that directed the visitor to our website and if they get error messages from our pages. These cookies collect information in a way that cannot be used to identify a single user of our website. Whenever we use tracking cookies, your data will be immediately anonymized right after collection.

We use these cookies based on our legitimate interest to provide an optimized and functional website, which is not overridden by your interests, rights and freedoms (Art. 6 sec. 1 lit. f) GDPR).

If you choose to delete cookies, you might have to confirm certain dialogs once again in order to use all functionalities of this website. Please note that your cookie settings are always related to the web browser you are using and the settings are of no effect if you use a different web browser upon your next use of this website.

When you actively provide information when contacting us

We will collect and process data you actively provided to us for instance when filling in online forms when contacting us by means of communication such as e-mail, telephone or mail. In case of online forms, the purpose for which you provide us with your personal data can be found on the form itself, generally the purpose will be to communicate with you. We do this based on your prior given consent (Art. 6 sec. 1 lit. a) GDPR) or, in order to execute a contract you are party to (Art. 6 sec. 1 lit. b) GDRP), or based on our legitimate interest in communicating with you and answer your inquiry, which is not overridden by your interests, rights or freedoms since you contacted us yourself (Art. 6 sec. 1 lit. f) GDPR).

Personal data collected by us for the use of the contact form will be automatically deleted upon completion of the request you have made.

Third parties we use


The tracking measures listed below and used by us are based on article 6 (1) p. 1 lit. F DSGVO. With the tracking measures to be used, we want to ensure a tailored design and continuous optimization of our website. On the other hand, we use the tracking measures to collect statistical data and use of our website to evaluate it for the purpose of optimizing our offer for you. Such interests shall be entitled within the meaning of the aforementioned provision. The respective data processing purposes and data categories are to be traced from the representations to the corresponding tracking tools or in detail from the privacy statements of the respective manufacturers.

Matomo Cloud

Recipient URL: Purpose of processing: To collect and analyse information about how you interact with our websites (web analytics), and to recognize and stop any misuse Lawful basis: Legitimate interest Data location and security: Frankfurt, Germany Personal data collected by the third party: Anonymised IP address, Pages visited, browser and device used, mouse movements, anonymised key strokes, and more. Privacy policy link:

Iubenda consent solution

Recipient URL: Purpose of processing: To manage consent and cookies Lawful basis: Legitimate interest Data location and security: Milan (Italy) Personal data collected by the third party: Data communicated while using the service Privacy policy link:


You have the right:

  • In accordance with article 15 GDPR to request information about your personal data processed by us. In particular information about the processing purposes, the category of personal data, the categories of recipients to whom your data has been or will be disclosed, the planned storage period, the existence of a right to rectification, deletion, limitation of processing or opposition, the existence of a right of appeal, the origin of your data, if not collected by us, as well as the existence of an automated decision-making process, including profiling and, where appropriate, information on their details;
  • In accordance with article 16 GDPR immediately request the rectification of incorrect or complete personal data stored by us;
  • In accordance with article 17 GDPR to request the deletion of your personal data stored by us;
  • In accordance with article 18 GDPR to restrict the processing of your personal data, insofar as the accuracy of the data is contested by you, the processing is unlawful, but you reject the deletion and we no longer need the data, but you need to assert, exercise or defend legal claims;
  • In accordance with article 20 GDPR to receive your personal data which you have provided us in a structured, commonly used and machine-read format and require the transmission to another person responsible;
  • In accordance with article 7 sec. 3 GDPR to revoke your once-given consent from us at any time. As a result, we are not allowed to continue the data processing based on this consent for the future
  • According to article 77 GDPR to complain to a supervisory authority.

Right of objection

You have the right to object, on grounds relating to your particular situation, at any time to processing of personal data concerning you which is based on lit. e) or lit. f) of Art. 6 sec. 1 GDPR. In this case, Helios Health shall no longer process personal data unless it demonstrates compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override the interests, rights and freedoms of the data subject or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims.

To enforce any of the aforementioned rights, please contact us through one of the communication channels mentioned above.

Data Security

Your data are stored in a secure operating environment and are not accessible to the public.

In certain cases, your personal data is encrypted during transmission by the so-called Transport Layer Security (TLS). This means that communication between your computer and our servers is done using a recognized encryption method if your browser supports TLS.

Current status of this privacy statement is October 2020.

By further development of our website and offers or due to changes in legal or regulatory regulations it may be necessary to change this privacy policy. The current data protection declaration can be accessed and printed at any time on the website at

Hinweise zur Verarbeitung von personenbezogenen Daten gem. Art. 13 DSGVO im Zusammenhang mit einem Beratungsbedarf zum Thema Kinderwunsch

  1. Zu welchem Zweck werden meine Daten verarbeitet und auf welcher Rechtsgrundlage?

Allgemeiner Beratungsbedarf: Einbindung der Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche – Berlin GbR, Kontaktaufnahme

Individueller, medizinischer Beratungsbedarf: Einbindung der Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche – Berlin GbR, Kontaktaufnahme, Vorbereitung des individuellen Beratungsgespräches

In beiden Fällen ist die Rechtsgrundlage für die Verarbeitung der Daten Art. 9 Abs. 2 lit. a DSGVO, d. h. die Einwilligung des Betroffenen.

Im Bereich des allgemeinen Beratungsbedarfs agiert der jeweilige Kooperationspartner im datenschutzrechtlichen Sinne als Auftragsverarbeiter der Helios Health GmbH.

Im Bereich des individuellen, medizinischen Beratungsbedarfes agiert die Helios Health GmbH im datenschutzrechtlichen Sinne als Auftragsverarbeiter des jeweiligen Kooperationspartners.

Die Mitarbeiter der Helios Health sind bei der Helios Privatkliniken GmbH beschäftigt, die in beiden Konstellationen als Unterauftragnehmer tätig wird.

  1. Wer ist für die jeweiligen Datenverarbeitungen verantwortlich und an wen kann ich mich bei Fragen wenden?

Allgemeiner Beratungsbedarf: Name der Einrichtung: Helios Health GmbH
Adresse: Friedrichstraße 136, 10117 Berlin

Individueller, medizinischer Beratungsbedarf: Name der Einrichtung: Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche – Berlin GbR Adresse: Rankestraße 34, 10789 Berlin Kontaktdaten (Telefon, E-Mail): 030/2190920,

Bei Fragen zum Datenschutz oder zur Wahrnehmung Ihrer unten genannten Rechte wenden Sie sich bitte an die jeweils, folgende E-Mail-Adresse:

Datenschutzrechtliche Anliegen zum Bereich allgemeiner Beratungsbedarf: Datenschutzbeauftragte: Rosita Günther,

Datenschutzrechtliche Anliegen zum Bereich individueller, medizinischer Beratungsbedarf: Datenschutzbeauftragte: Kati Schmill,

Datenschutzrechtliche Anliegen im Bereich der Helios Helios Hotline: Datenschutzbeauftragter: Tolga Celtik,

  1. Welche Daten werden erhoben bzw. wer bekommt welche Daten?

Allgemeiner Beratungsbedarf: a. Erhoben werden durch die Helios Hotline folgende Daten: o Vorname, Nachname, o Telefonnummer (optional zweite Telefonnummer)

b. Übermittelt werden an die Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche – Berlin GbR

  • Vorname, Nachname,
  • Telefonnummer (optional zweite Telefonnummer)

Individueller, medizinischer Beratungsbedarf:

a. Erhoben werden durch die Helios Hotline folgende Daten:

  • Vorname, Nachname,
  • Telefonnummer (optional zweite Telefonnummer)

Informationen zu:

  • Größe und Gewicht (Abfrage mit cm und kg/BMI-Berechnung)
  • Dauer des Kinderwunsches
  • Bisherigen Schwangerschaften in aktueller Partnerschaft
  • Bisherigen Geburten:
  • Bisherigen Fehlgeburten
  • Bisherigen Schwangerschaftsabbrüche
  • Bisherigen Eileiterschwangerschaften
  • Bisherigen Schwangerschaften in früheren Partnerschaften
  • Bisherigen Geburten
  • Bisherigen Fehlgeburten
  • Bisherigen Schwangerschaftsabbrüche
  • Bisherigen Eileiterschwangerschaften
  • Erkrankungen
  • Medikamenteneinnahme
  • Drogenkonsum
  • Genetische Erkrankungen
  • Früheren Chemo- oder/und Radiotherapien
  • Bisherigen Kinderwunschbehandlungen
  • Zyklus
  • Informationen zur Krankengeschichte des Partners

Die o. g. Informationen werden an die Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche – Berlin GbR übermittelt. Die Übermittlung erfolgt auf verschlüsseltem Kommunikationsweg.

  1. Wie lange werden meine Daten gespeichert?

Allgemeiner Beratungsbedarf: Die erhobenen Daten werden bei der Helios Hotline gelöscht, nachdem die allgemeine Beratung erfolgt ist.

Individueller, medizinischer Beratungsbedarf: Die Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche – Berlin GbR bewahrt Ihre personenbezogenen Daten als Behandlungsdokumentation mindestens 10 Jahre auf (gesetzliche Aufbewahrungspflicht). Die Helios Hotline löscht die entsprechenden Daten unmittelbar nach ihrer Übermittlung an die Kinderwunschzentrum an der Gedächtniskirche – Berlin GbR und entsprechender Bestätigung des Empfangs.

  1. Welche Datenschutzrechte habe ich?

Jede betroffene Person hat das Recht auf Auskunft gem. Art. 15 DSGVO, das Recht auf Berichtigung gem. Art. 16 DSGVO, das Recht auf Löschung gem. Art. 17 DSGVO, das Recht auf Einschränkung der Verarbeitung gem. Art. 18 DSGVO sowie das Recht auf Datenübertragbarkeit gem. Art. 20 DSGVO. Beim Auskunftsrecht und beim Löschungsrecht gelten die Einschränkungen gem. §§ 34, 35 BDSG. Darüber hinaus besteht ein Beschwerderecht bei einer Datenschutzaufsichtsbehörde gem. Art. 77 DSGVO i. V. m. § 19 BDSG.